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FES is pleased to announce TerrAnoint™, beneficent healing blends of flower essences and essential oils in certified-organic MCT coconut oil, designed for direct bodily application to pulse and acupressure points.

These formulations comprise six master blends developed during the last four decades in the private practice of Patricia Kaminski, Executive Director of the worldwide Flower Essence Society. Patricia has observed that in addition to standard oral doses of flower essences, topical applications of flower essences combined with essential oils can help to support or further amplify one’s healing program.

Each formula is a richly layered symphony of flower essences and pure botanical essential oils designed to address diverse structures within the body-soul complex. They offer healing for the most basic issues needing multi-level support and lifestyle boosting during any therapy or wellness program. The TerrAnoint™ formulations are excellent choices for those who are new to flower essences or subtle body healing, as well as supportive aids to those who are deeply immersed in transformative flower essence therapy.

The 10 ml (1/3 fl oz) roll-on applicator bottles for the TerrAnoint™ blends are compact and convenient for home, work or travel. They can be used as needed and applied in countless different ways, whether used solo or in tandem with other healing measures. Because they are applied topically, they will not interfere with oral doses of other flower essences or supplements, while still supporting and augmenting one’s wellness program.

For information on applications to pulse points and acupressure points, read the brochure.

Text by Patricia Kaminski

TerrAnoint Roll-On Blends

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