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Terra Flora Essential Oils are carefully selected according to the highest possible standards of quality and integrity. We have chosen the purest and most potent oils available from the best possible sources with an emphasis on Certified Organic, Organic and Wildcrafted oils. Now at 40% off.

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Terra Flora Essential Oils

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  1. Basil (Tulsi) 1-oz

    Basil (Tulsi) Ocimum sanctum This is the Holy Basil, know as Tulsi. Considered a king among plants, Basil was probably an ancient anointing oil for kings. It has a characteristically hot and spicy scent, and is generally used as a tonic and stimulant. Basil has a definite yang quality and is said to be ruled by the planet Mars or the constellation Scorpio. The symptoms which Basil treats range from chest infections and respiratory problems to headaches and mental fatigue. However, the underlying attribute of Basil is that it helps ground and pull together. As its name implies, it is a base remedy which especially heals the lower chakras and unites them with the more spiritual centers.

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  2. Black-Pepper 1-oz

    Black Pepper Piper nigrum Black Pepper essential oil is steam distilled from the peppercorn, or fruit of the Piper nigrum vine. As its name suggests, Black Pepper imparts a fiery, grounding aroma. Its stimulating and preserving qualities make it an esteemed ingredient in culinary dishes, and because it increases hydrochloric acid secretion, boosts digestion and assimilation of food. The warming and antispasmodic attributes of Black Pepper essential oil make it an excellent addition to any massage oil, especially for sore muscles and joints. Black Pepper essential oil is abundant in antioxidants (due to its high level of monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes). It also has many anti-viral properties, making it an excellent immune stimulant, especially to promote circulation and stimulate mucus and bile flow. Due to its strong fiery qualities, Black Pepper essential oil should always be tested before applying to the skin, and generally used in minimal doses.

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  3. Clary Sage 1/8-oz or 1-oz

    Clary Sage Salvia sclarea Our favorite of the sage oils, Clary Sage has a nutty aroma with a pleasant floral undertone. It is an extremely relaxing, almost euphoric oil, which is best used at the end of the day. Many people report Clary Sage to have evocative, even aphrodisiac qualities. However, Clary Sage can dull or stupefy the consciousness when over-used. It has many warming properties which make it an ideal candidate for massage oil blends and stress-related formulas.
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  4. Cypress 1/8-oz or 1-oz

    Cypress Cupressus sempervirens Cypress has an evocative, woodsy aroma. It is deeper and more masculine in quality and can be used in formulas for men, or where a base note is required. Use several drops of Cypress in a water-based facial tonic for men's skin. Cypress is a very astringent oil and can be used for conditions where there is an excess of fluid. It is also an antispasmodic and can be vaporized in a room for excess coughing and congestion. Consider combining it with Eucalyptus for such purposes.
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  5. Geranium 1/8-oz

    Geranium Pelargonium graveolens A beautiful pale green oil with a sweet fresh scent, often used in combination with other oils to help highlight and enhance formulas. Geranium is a balancer, helping to regulate hormonal functions and various glandular secretions. Recently, many immune strengthening qualities have also been attributed to the Geranium. An indispensable oil with many helpmate qualities in the aromatherapy palette.

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  6. Ginger 1/8-oz or 1-oz

    Ginger Zingiber officinale A very fiery oil which acts as a preventative against many of the cold symptoms of winter. Ginger is beneficial for many stomach ailments, such as cramping, nausea, or indigestion. It is a most useful travel remedy for these purposes. Ginger is also an extremely valuable tonic for the nervous system, helping to ignite or quicken the consciousness.
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  7. Orange 1/8-oz

    Orange Citrus sinensis Orange oil is made from the fruit of the orange. It exudes a warm, well-rounded aroma with a feeling of joy in it. Orange oil carries a quality of sunshine and exuberance, and is often used as an anti-depressant. Orange oil is inexpensive, and can be used delightfully and liberally in aroma lamps, steam baths, and so forth. It blends beautifully with other citrus scents.

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  8. Oregano 1-oz.

    Oregano Origanum vulgare The essential oil of Oregano is steam distilled from fresh leaves of Origanum vulgare, a bushy perennial in the Lamiaceae (Mint) botanical family. Like most members of this family, the Oregano essential oil has a striking aroma, in this instance, imparting fiery, pungent intensity. Oregano is an outstanding essential oil for immune health, with strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, yet without the side effects of pharmaceutical antibiotics. Apply several drops in a solution of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) for a foot soak or hand soak, when toenails or fingernails show signs of fungal infection. Gargle with a solution of Myrrh, Peppermint and Oregano essential oils in baking soda to chase a sore throat, or make a diluted neti pot rinse for sinus infection. Oregano essential oil is excellent to add to a liquid hand soap dispenser to avoid the spread of germs during the cold and flu season, or as a spray solution to wipe bathroom and kitchen counters. Oregano oil is a great culinary addition to many foods, providing a unique spicy accent in appetizers, entrees, and sauces; it is a savory delight paired with Basil essential oil in Italian cooking. Because of Oregano oil’s high phenol /antioxidant content, caution should be taken when diffusing or inhaling—only one to two drops are needed. Always test beforehand, and dilute Oregano essential oil in other mediums rather than taking it directly.

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  9. Patchouli 1-oz

    Patchouli Pogostemon patchouli This oil has a richly evocative and psychically stimulating aroma. Patchouli oil is often included in many fine perfumery blends. Its strong, rather sweet and musty fragrance can be intriguing when used sparingly or can be sedative and even invasive when over-used. Although popularly regarded only for its fragrant qualities, Patchouli is an essential part of all Oriental pharmacopoeias where it is used for its antiseptic, decongestant, and fungicidal properties. Patchouli has also been proven effective for many skin care programs and is known for its cell regeneration capacities.

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  10. Thyme Linalol 1/8-oz or 1-oz

    Thyme Linalol Thymus vulgaris The best of the many thyme oils available, it has more clarity and lightness, and balances out the heavier, intense aspects of the Thyme. Thyme is named for its relation to the thymus gland, and is an important remedy for strengthening the immune system. It is an excellent pulmonary disinfectant and it also stimulates the circulation very effectively. Many massage practitioners favor a small amount of Thyme Linalol in their body oil formulas, especially for those with environmental sensitivity and immune dysfunction.
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