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More About Flower Essence Therapy

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  1. Bach Flower Remedies - The Essence Within

    "Bach Flower Remedies - the essence within" by Julian Barnard, details the way that the flower remedies are used, and gives instructions for the way they are made. Richly illustrated, this book is both a work of reference, and a practical guide for those who wish to help themselves with this natural, safe and effective form of healing. The authoritative text is the result of more than 30 years of work with Bach essences. A beautiful celebration of the herbs of the field placed here for our healing.
  2. Collected Writings of Edward Bach

    edited by Julian Barnard. This is the complete compendium of all known essays and letters by Dr. Bach, from his early medical work and homeopathic research, to the development of the Bach Flower Remedies. A more thorough reference work than any other published editions available from other presses, and a must for those who want the complete, unabridged background of Bach's writings. It includes the well known Twelve Healers and other Remedies and Heal Thyself, as well as many heretofore unpublished manuscripts and talks of Dr. Bach. 294 pages
  3. The Twelve Healers 2006 Facsimile Edition

    The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies was first published by C. W. Daniel Co. in 1936. Although the book has always remained in print, the text has changed. The 'Methods of Dosage' and 'Method of Preparation' sections, for example, were both removed from the back of the book after Nora Weeks (who had inherited the legacy of Bach's work) died in 1978. During the 1980s and 90s there were other revisions and additions which also appeared in the many translations. To commemorate Dr. Bach and his original vision, a facsimile edition of the 1936 publication has just been produced which follows every detail of the original letterpress book as meticulously as possible.
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