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Our office receives many inquiries about the status of our research essences. They are so designated because they are not yet sufficiently researched to be included in the Flower Essence Repertory. Flower essences are on the leading edge of holistic therapy, and careful field research and case documentation is extremely important for the continued development of this new approach to mind-body health care.

We ask you to help us in our research program by reporting on any new remedies which you find to be significant in your practice. You can do so in one of three ways:

Provide a brief written report in your own words on any consistent phenomena which you have observed with any research essence.

Use the Flower Essence Society case study guidelines and forms to document your clinical cases. These are distributed free of charge to all interested practitioners. The Society also has an on-line reporting form for your convenience.

If you wish to do so, call or write our office to arrange for a telephone interview.

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FES Research Essences

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