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Indications: physical and emotional devastation caused by natural and man-made disasters

The Magenta Mantle was developed by Patricia Kaminski in response to the Oakland, California fire in 1991, which destroyed 300 homes, devastating the land, the community and many people's lives. Magenta is the color of the life force. This “Magenta Chord” of six essences (Fireweed, Self-Heal, Echinacea, Red Clover, Sierra Primrose, and Sweet Pea) brings magenta vitality for regeneration after any experience of destruction and trauma, enhanced by the green healing energy of Alchemilla (Lady's Mantle). The Earth holds much of human suffering, and when a disaster occurs, our Earth bears not only physical harm, but also carries our psychic pain. Healing from a disaster is thus more than an individual task. This formula, often used as a misting spray infused in the environment, helps re-establish the shattered bonds of life which knit together self, community and the environment. 

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Magenta Mantle

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