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The Flourish line of twelve formulas encompasses the most fundamental body-soul healing issues facing people of all ages and lifestyles, including foundational remedies for animal care. While each formula has a specific keynote, the entire Flourish line encompasses a broad-based healing approach for those new to flower essence therapy, or for those who require basic catalysts to initiate a healing response. The Flourish formulas are available in spray bottles (at the dosage level) for ease of application and sanitation, i.e., sharing one bottle in relief work, during times of natural disasters, in busy clinics, etc.

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Flourish Formula Sprays

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  1. Grace 1 oz. Dosage spray bottle

    A symphony of white lilies to grace the feminine soul
  2. Grief Relief 1 oz. Dosage spray bottle

    Solace and Insight in times of sorrow and searching

    Primary Indications:
    * To assist in re-building the soul’s foundations due to the death of a beloved one – whether human or animal
    * To help in the dissolution of any meaningful relationship, such as divorce or dislocation
    * During any natural disaster punctuated by death, destruction and loss, both for relief workers and for victims
    * During times of personal loss or set-back when the soul feels empty and is searching for new direction or meaning

    Flower essences: Pink Yarrow, Bleeding Heart, Love Lies Bleeding, California Wild Rose, Borage, Forget-Me-Not and Explorer’s Gentian; Essential oils: Melissa, Myrhh

  3. Grounding Green - 1 oz. Dosage spray bottle

    Green flowers to strengthen Body-Earth alignment
    (Formerly known as Gaia Green)
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