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The Flourish line of twelve formulas encompasses the most fundamental body-soul healing issues facing people of all ages and lifestyles, including foundational remedies for animal care. While each formula has a specific keynote, the entire Flourish line encompasses a broad-based healing approach for those new to flower essence therapy, or for those who require basic catalysts to initiate a healing response. We also offer the Healingherbs Five-Flower Formula, Yarrow Environmental Solution, Animal Relief Formula, Magenta Mantle, and two hospice formulas.

Flower Essence Formulas

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  1. Yarrow Environmental Solution 1-ounce

    Yarrow Environmental Solution (YES) is a highly beneficial blend of flower essences and whole plant tinctures in a sea salt base. Its purpose is to strengthen and protect against toxic environmental influences, geopathic stress, and other hazards of technology-dominated modern life. This includes the disruptive effects of radiation on human energy fields from X-rays, televisions, computer monitors, electromagnetic fields, airplane flights or nuclear fall-out.

    Read the brochure.

  2. Sacred Heart 1 oz. Dosage spray bottle

    Integrating Heart Strength & Compassion in Relationships
  3. Post-Trauma Stabilizer 1 oz. Dosage spray bottle

    To recover and rebuild from shock and trauma
  4. Peace-Full

    Promotes deep peace for those living with life-limiting illness, whether at home, in a hospice house, or in a hospital.
  5. Mind-Full 1 oz. Dosage spray bottle

    Imparting a vibrant state of mental coherence and clarity
  6. Magenta Self-Healer 1 oz. Dosage spray bottle

    Magenta blossoms to encourage self-healing potential and physical vitality
  7. Magenta Mantle 4 oz. Spray bottle

    The Magenta Mantle was developed by Patricia Kaminski in response to the Oakland, California fire in 1991, which destroyed 300 homes, devastating the land, the community and many people's lives. Magenta is the color of the life force. This “Magenta Chord” of six essences (Fireweed, Self-Heal, Echinacea, Red Clover, Sierra Primrose, and Sweet Pea) brings magenta vitality for regeneration after any experience of destruction and trauma, enhanced by the green healing energy of Alchemilla (Lady's Mantle). The Earth holds much of human suffering, and when a disaster occurs, our Earth bears not only physical harm, but also carries our psychic pain. Healing from a disaster is thus more than an individual task. This formula, often used as a misting spray infused in the environment, helps re-establish the shattered bonds of life which knit together self, community and the environment. Please let us know how this formula works for you! Indications: physical and emotional devastation caused by natural and man-made disasters
  8. Leading Light

    Flowers to Embody, Embolden and Enlighten Leadership Ability Contains the flower essences of Larkspur, Red Larkspur, Tall Mountain Larkspur, Sage, Iris, Columbine and Red Penstemon, with the essential oils of Rose attar and Sandalwood
  9. Kinder Garden 1 oz. Dosage spray bottle

    A child’s bouquet to soothe feelings and nourish radiance
  10. Illumine 1 oz. Dosage spray bottle

    Allowing the Light of Understanding to transform discouragement and depression

  11. Grounding Green - 1 oz. Dosage spray bottle

    Green flowers to strengthen Body-Earth alignment
    (Formerly known as Gaia Green)
  12. Grief Relief 1 oz. Dosage spray bottle

    Solace and Insight in times of sorrow and searching

    Primary Indications:
    * To assist in re-building the soul’s foundations due to the death of a beloved one – whether human or animal
    * To help in the dissolution of any meaningful relationship, such as divorce or dislocation
    * During any natural disaster punctuated by death, destruction and loss, both for relief workers and for victims
    * During times of personal loss or set-back when the soul feels empty and is searching for new direction or meaning

    Flower essences: Pink Yarrow, Bleeding Heart, Love Lies Bleeding, California Wild Rose, Borage, Forget-Me-Not and Explorer’s Gentian; Essential oils: Melissa, Myrhh

  13. Grace 1 oz. Dosage spray bottle

    A symphony of white lilies to grace the feminine soul
  14. Flora-Sleep 1 oz. Dosage spray bottle

    Quiescent flowers for restful repose and rejuvenation
  15. Five-Flower Formula 1-ounce with alcohol

    Positive qualities: Calmness and stability in any emergency or time of stress
    Patterns of imbalance:
    Panic, disorientation, loss of consciousness; acute trauma or pain
  16. Five-Flower Formula 1-ounce non-alcohol

    Positive qualities: Calmness and stability in any emergency or time of stress
    Patterns of imbalance:
    Panic, disorientation, loss of consciousness; acute trauma or pain
  17. FES Flourish Formula Kit

    Contains the 12 Flourish formulas plus a set of Affirm a Flower Cards, one for each formula

    Regular Price: $177.60

    Special Price $150.96

  18. Fear-Less 1 oz. Dosage spray bottle

    Composure and containment when challenged by fear, anxiety or panic
  19. Compassionate Care Giver

    Encourages peaceful presence for care givers, loved ones, and family members of those living with life limiting illness.
  20. Animal Relief Formula 1-ounce, dropper or spray

    Calming & comforting for animals in transition or trauma

    Primary Indications:
    * For any abandoned animal, whether feral or residing in a rescue or relief shelter
    * Any animal being adopted into a new home, or being given a new guardian or caretaker
    * For loss of the primary caretaker due to death, divorce or changes in the family system
    * During any time of significant travel or re-location to a new home or living space
    * For any animal with a prior history of physical abuse, torture or abandonment
    * For performance or work animals who are exploited, or valued only for monetary worth or reproduction value
    * During times of prolonged illness, or extensive surgery; can be used in tandem or alternation with Magenta Self-Healer
    * For any time of pronounced stress in the animal – such as the prolonged absence of the primary caretaker or environmental disruption due to any natural disaster. Can be used in alternation or in tandem with Post-Trauma Stabilizer

    The Animal Relief Formula was originally developed by FES-certified practitioner and animal communicator, Teresa Wagner. Please read more extensive information regarding Teresa's philosophy and development of the formula on her website: www.animalsinourhearts.com.

    Arnica, Bleeding Heart, Echinacea, Fireweed, Five-Flower Formula, Holly, Mariposa Lily, Oregon Grape, Poison Oak, Red Clover, Sweet Pea and Wild Rose
  21. Activ-8 1 oz. Dosage spray bottle

    Eight flowers to empower positive Purpose and Passion
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