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The FloraFusions oils are a bouquet of flower essences, pure botanical essential oils, and herbal flower infusions from six outstanding healing plants, in a base of organic almond or olive oil. The preferred choice of professional body-workers and home-care users!

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FloraFusions & Benediction Herbal Flower Oils

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  1. Arnica Allay: Choose 2-oz or 4-oz

    Arnica Allay™ — Restorative for Trauma & Injury

    Price From: $16.95
  2. Benediction Forte 1-ounce Roll-On

    Benediction Oil double-strength formula in a convenient roll-on applicator.
  3. Benediction: Choose 2-oz or 4-oz

    Benediction Oil™ — To Bless, Sanctify & Transform

    Price From: $21.95
  4. Calendula Caress: Choose 2-oz or 4-oz

    Calendula Caress™ — Soothes Inflammation & Softens Skin

    Price From: $16.95
  5. Chamo-Mild Calm: Choose 2-oz or 4-oz

    A new addition to our FloraFusions line of herbal bath and body oils, formulated in a base of Terra Flora Chamomile flowers in organic olive oil, with a medley of flower essences and essential oils. Relaxing and soothing.
    Price From: $16.95
  6. Dandelion Dynamo: Choose 2-oz or 4-oz

    Dandelion Dynamo™ — Releases Muscle Tension and Energizes the Body

    Price From: $16.95
  7. FloraFusions gift set

    This handsome boxed set contains six of the 2-ounce size FloraFusions oils.
  8. Mugwort Moon Magic: Choose 2-oz or 4-oz

    Mugwort Moon Magic™ — Warming and Nourishing for the Circulation

    Price From: $16.95
  9. St. John's Shield: Choose 2-oz or 4-oz

    Saint John’s Shield™ — Light Regenerative for Depression and Depletion

    Price From: $16.95
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9 Item(s)